Sunday, November 30, 2008


1. my dad
2. my mum
3. angel
4. ayie
5. syuden
6. twinz
7. diyau
8. best teachers

no. 1 give n teach me how to be better person in every thing he could help

no. 2 give me advise very nice n love her cooking

no. 3 i love her so much but......

no. 4 n 5 1 of my best frenz hope our friendship till the end

no. 6 also my frenz...always sms n mms with me....

no. 7 very responsible frenz...understood me very well

no. 8 too many teachers to write their name here but i will list their name soon
i would like to thanks to them cz without them i dont know what will happen to me in my life....

that's all 4 this time...
see u later.....

1 da sign...anda???:

fafaz said...

im one of them..